The Frozen Music Collective is a new music and multimedia collective

exploring the symbiosis of the human brain and technology.


The Frozen Music Collective is a new music and multimedia collective working at the intersection of cutting edge interactive technology and performance. Our research explores what it means to be connected in a world where technology is beyond recognition.

We have pioneered software and techniques to allow the human brain to control the physical and virtual world. We are interested in working in collaboration with Art + Music festivals, Institutions, Special schools + brands to design and create a new art pieces or a reworking of a previous installation or performance.

Our backgrounds include :

neuroscience | interactive programming | visual art | 4D advanced projection mapping | computer game design | film production | large scale installation | experimental jazz & music production + more.

FMC are:

Dave Lynch | Christophe de Bezenac | Chris Sharkey | Richard England | Paul Miller | Suzie Cross


Music (coming soon)


How it Works

Brainwaves are tiny electrical impulses released when a neuron fires in the brain.  Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology works by monitoring these electrical impulses with sensors.

The measured electrical signals are then output as digital messages to the computer allowing you to see your brainwaves on the screen and control anything connected to the computer.


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